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Who We Are

At Must Read Books, we’re your trusted guide to the fascinating world of literature. As proud affiliates of Jonathan Ball Publishers, the premier book publisher and representative of British and American publishers in South Africa, we’re deeply committed to bringing you the very best in reading experiences.

Our vision

In a world where thousands of books are born each year, the task of choosing your next literary adventure can seem overwhelming. That’s where we step in, ready to ease your decision-making process. Our team of passionate readers and literary connoisseurs scours the vast ocean of books to hand-pick gems that cater to every taste and need.

Our commitment

Our recommendations know no bounds as we explore and embrace all genres, and we are committed to ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether you crave heart-pounding thrillers that leave you on the edge of your seat or desire to dive into the rich tapestries of engrossing biographies, we’ve got you covered. Picture this: Turning a new page every day of the year, each one filled with excitement, wonder, and the joy of discovering a new world within the pages of a book. That’s the promise we make to you