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Reviews of ‘Girls of Little Hope’

Read a variety of reviews for 'Girls of Little Hope' : A chilling and eerie tale of monsters, teen angst and small-town America for fans

Reviews of ‘Wreck the Halls’ by Tessa Bailey

Various Instagram reviews of 'Wreck the Halls' by Tessa Bailey

Reviews of ‘Thank You For Sharing’ by Rachel Runya Katz

Various Instagram reviews of 'Thank You For Sharing' by Rachel Runya Katz

Reviews of ‘The Long Game’ by Elena Armas

This book! This story! These characters! I was so invested so early on and these characters will live rent free in my mind for a

Reviews of ‘Her Radiant Curse’ by Elizabeth Lim

I did not think that I would love this book as much as I did! The cover is stunning but this is my first book

Reviews of ‘Wildfire’ by Hannah Grace

I know I'm not one for romcoms in general, but this... this might have changed my mind. Hannah Grace might have turned me back to

Jennifer Platt Q&A with Tessa Bailey

Spicy romances are extremely successful, with BookTok driving the sales. Understand more by reading a Q&A with one of BookTok's most successful authors.

Reviews of ‘Things We Left Behind’ by Lucy Score

Things We Left Behind is the final book in the Knockemout series and my absolute favourite in the series. I don’t know why but I

‘Heartstopper 5’ by Alice Osman Review

The Heartstopper franchise is the perfect way to expose young people to diversity, inclusivity, and what it is like to grow up, experience first times,

All’s Well by Mona Awad Review

A bizarre rating for a bizarre book! This is my second encounter with Mona Awad's work and it was just as surreal and unpredictable as