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Review 1

Reviewer: @galaxy_o_honey (Instagram)

Girls of Little Hope by Sam Beckbessinger & Dale Halvorsen

It’s been DAYS and I’m still thinking of this book, that’s probably why it’s taken me so long to write my thoughts down.

If you think this is just another mystery/horror book about girls that went missing in a small town, then you are so wrong. There is something eery lurking in Little Hope…something that would change this town forever…something that even I, as the reader, didn’t see coming.

I loved the unreliability of the narrators, it makes you question yourself while reading. And the different povs added to the already mysterious and creepy vibe because you don’t know whose pov is correct. The writing style was easy to read and original. And the plot was absolutely mind-bending, twisty, and unpredictable. It was fast-paced while still giving us ample background information about Little Hope and its characters. The setting was descriptive which helped me imagine the characters and the town, especially the forest scenes (which were creepy).

What I loved most was the amount of effort and creativity that Sam Beckbessinger and Dale Halvorsen put into this book from the newspaper and diary clippings to the drawings. It was those kind of details that really immersed me into the story.

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Review 2

Reviewer: @indy_and_kiki_goes_paperback (Instagram)

Rating: 4/5

This was my first dip into the ya horror genre, and to say that I was enthralled, is an understatement. 90’s nostalgia and the reminder of weird teenage friendships utterly captivated me. It was a perfect mix of the X-files and Stranger Things and gave off The Faculty vibes.

There are multiple pov’s and dual timelines, but I never felt lost or confused at any point. We experience the emotions and fear of a parent who’s child is missing, the invading thoughts and scenes of the worst that could have happened.

In turn, we feel the angst of being a teenager. Being either socially awkward or super popular. The sinister and distressing feelings of not being able to recall exactly what happened while you were missing for three days.

The twists, turns and revelations in this book were spectacular. I honestly could never have imagined it going in that direction. It caught me by surprise, creeped me out and had me thinking gross on more than one occasion.

The biggest treat for me was seeing the newspaper clippings, journal entries and the Zine-pages. I love when authors give us extra snippets, something artsy and fun.

I can’t say more without giving away the plot, but you can expect grotesque monsters and weird things lying wait in the dark.

Overall, absolutely fantastic and worth the read.


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Review 3

Reviewer: @hardcover.hazel (Instagram)

Rating: 4.5/5

“The living room is empty. Empty as a ditch a girl might have fallen into.”

Girls of Little Hope had me intrigued. Three girls disappear into the woods and only two come back, covered in blood with no memory of what happened.

“All she knows for sure is that one of her best friends is missing, and the other wants her to lie about it”

We travel across different thoughts with each chapter the perspective of a range of characters. The missing girl, Kat, has diary entries from the past we follow along with.

“Sometimes it seems that’s all getting older is: just a slow accumulation of damage”

This book is listed as horror fiction and the twist (and a scene or two with gore) is so. good. Please check the trigger warnings before reading as lots of blood tends to be mentioned.

“Even the trees, she feels, are aware of her footsteps pressing the soil against their roots”

I didn’t expect the twist. Starting out as a murder mystery, it expands into something more, something wild, that forever changes the town of Little Hope.

“Blood mixes with her saliva, creating a perfect map of her”

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Review 4

Reviewer: @queen_kelso (Instagram)

Rating: 4/5

I haven’t written a review in a very long time. How can I resist writing one for this gorgeous piece of window-shaking-horror fiction.

If you have been around for a while you will know @sambeckbessinger and @dalehalvorsen. If not, you will now.

Girls of Little Hope is about three teenager (each from different families and backgrounds) girls who go on a bit of a “hunt” for the truth of a local murder that happened years earlier, except what they find is far more than they anticipated. As they realise they are in too far only two of the three stumble out of the woods… aaaannndddd this is where the book opens.

Two girls shaken, cannot remember what happened, they only know that three of them ventured into the woods.

Written with a wonderful thread of 90s nostalgia all packed tightly with teenage angst and misunderstood-i-ness of three teenage girls looking for more in a town they think is far too small for them.

What an absolute trip! WHEN IS THE NEXT ONE GUYS?!?!

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Review 5

Reviewer: @rozanne_visagie (Instagram)

Rating: 4/5

Girls of Little Hope by Sam Beckbessinger & Dale Halvorsen

Whatever your expectation of Girls of Little Hope is, move it to the side and be prepared for the unexpected. The synopsis is a glimpse into this wild ride that is set in the 90s. With multiple POVs, newspaper articles and diary entries, the reader is taken on a proper mystery. But this is not your typical mystery set in a forest, there are so much more sinister things hiding in caves and scurrying along the forest floor. 

Friendships are tested, a community is pushed to its limits and all the while, something creepy is lurking just beyond. 

I do not want to spoil anything, it’s best to go into this book blindly to have the full experience beside Donna, Rae and Kat. This is a small-town horror that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I was shocked, surprised, and intrigued. The authors did an incredible job writing this book, from the pace to the plot – it all adds to the atmospheric little town of Little Hope. 
I received a playlist with this book and had such a great time listening to it. 

This book has definitely stayed with me – it was different, and that’s what makes it memorable. 

If you’re a fan of small-town murder mysteries with some horror added to the mix, you should read this!

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