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Review 1

Reviewer: @tbr_tasmiyah (Instagram)

Rating: 4/5

“I know you say that love isn’t your thing, but I think some of that is because you don’t believe someone could love you. I’m living proof that you’re wrong. And I can say with certainty that even if you don’t want love from me, you’ll be able to get it from someone else. You’re amazing in all the ways that matter, and in some of the ways that don’t. I want to stay in your life, if you’ll have me”

At first, this book was slow to get into and I found the plot quite similar than all the other romance books but midway, I felt very connected to the female main character, Liyah, which then drew me in.

I loved Daniel and his pining for Liyah. He left voicemails, messages and emails just to apologize. (IF THEY WANTED TO, THEY WOULD!) and then proceeded to make THIS love confession.

Overall, this was a short, fun, light hearted romance at a perfect pace.


  • Slow burn
  • Second chance romance
  • Forced proximity
  • Workplace romance
  • Diverse characters
  • FWB

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Review 2

Reviewer: @youravidbookworm (Instagram)

Rating: 3/5

For some reason this book took so long for me to get into, and I’m not sure if that’s because of the reading slump grown ups put me in, or if this book was just slow-paced. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this book and watching their romance unfold.

I wasn’t completely crazy about the main characters, not because they weren’t likeable, but just because the book seemed slow and very difficult to just get into. I did however love the little SSC meetings they’d have on Fridays and the funny minutes they took. I also loved the diversity and representation in this book. Definitely read if you love slow burn, second chances and enemies to lovers.

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Review 3

Reviewer: @chroniclesofacolouredmom4 (Instagram)

Rating: 5/5

They met as teenagers at a summer camp .But when Daniel broke the young Liyah’s heart they parted ways while Liyah still holding onto her grudge into her adulthood.

When they meet again 14 years later they butt heads just as badly Atleast they never have to meet again right?Until they get partnered together for the project that will make or break Liyah’s career
The tension and chemistry grows until they’re forced to confront their emotional baggage.Will they ignore their growing feelings or take a second chance on a first love

I loved reading this book I could not put it down it is beautifully written with a kind of complex ,big hearted and loveable characters. You will fall head over heels with Liyah and Daniel’s characters. It is humorous but also touches on sensitive topics

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