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Review 1

Reviewer: @wanderingxpages (Instagram)

Rating: 5/5

(I added some of my favorite pieces taken out of context)

I know I’m not one for romcoms in general, but this… this might have changed my mind. Hannah Grace might have turned me back to romance. And before anyone says I need to get Icebreaker… I did… I have it… I’m getting to it.

The characters in this book not only have such a wide range of problems, but they all grow, which is a big thing to me. Being able to see the growth in the characters as well as those around them who aren’t really around is amazing.

The plot was absolutely amazing. The fact that these characters worked through everything that bothered them and were able to thrive despite it all. They realize that they balanced each other out and were able to grow from their pasts.

The banter. The jokes. The wingman (we all need a JJ)

There were times when I just hugged this book close to my heart and wanted to jump into the pages and tell them that everything is okay. This book really has my heart. It was perfect in my eyes … but it might just be how I relate to some aspects and the fact that I am a hopeless romantic deep down…

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Review 2

Reviewer: @reading_in_the_dark_za (Instagram)

Rating: 4/5

I’ve had this book for a while and honestly, I was dreading reading it because I know how hyped Icebreaker was and I didn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else…

Well, I can happily say that Wildfire is a step up and in the right direction. I was not disappointed.

I felt like the storyline was a bit predictable in some ways but I’m not mad at it. It was cute. It was funny and OMG the BANTER!

There were some darker elements to the storyline, like when the MMC and FMC both spoke about their past and the current state of their relationships with their parents. It was rough. Especially because I could (unfortunately) relate. I think it was well and thoughtfully written.

If you’re into contemporary romance, (which, full disclosure, is not one of my favourite genres, so that’s saying something) then pick this up and read it. It’ll be worth it.

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Review 3

Reviewer: @misch_is_bookish (Instagram)

Rating: 4/5

After Icebreaker rocked my world I couldn’t wait for the next Maple Springs book and Hannah Grace has really done it again!

Wildfire is so easy to read and difficult to put down! The dialogue and banter is just everything and she has a way of making you love every single character she writes! The side characters are honestly some of my faves!

That being said Icebreaker still remains my favourite. I went into Wildfire expecting another cute romance with all the romcom vibes but I felt like this had a heavier aspect. They had a lot of trauma and this book was very much more a healing journey most of the time.

The whole middle of the book is just them verbal diarrhoearing their trauma to one another day after day. As much as I don’t have a problem with them having this healing journey I would’ve loved for it to be a subplot within the larger plot and not the main plot for a large portion of the book.

It also just felt like the monologue of these portions of the book was just a big trauma dump. Like paragraphs at a time instead of bits of info at a time. It messed with the pacing of the book a bit for me. I just would’ve liked to experience more of the camp aspect like the activities and the interaction with the kids but all of this felt missing a bit!

But, that is basically my only issue with this book! The characters are adorable (however Nate and Stassie still have my heart) the romance is amazing, the smut is incredible this is definitely a must read! You won’t be able to put this down!

4 ✨’s overall for Wildfire
Plot: 3.9 ✨’s
Pacing: 3.8✨’s
Writing: 3.8✨’s
Language: 5✨’s
Characters: 4✨’s
Romance: 5✨’s
Spice: 4.5✨’s

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