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The Best South African Art Books

Discover the best of South African art through these beautifully illustrated books - designed to inspire and educate art lovers the world over.

Ethnic Cookbooks to Help You Cook Something New in 2024

Explore the global landscape of cuisine with these ethnic cookbooks. Each book will guide you on a journey to discover new food you've only ever dreamt of!

Free recipe from The Plain Cake Appreciation Society: Burnished cheesecake

Cake for breakfast? Sounds good to us! Try this easy and delicious cheesecake recipe from The Plain Cake Appreciation Society.

KC Rottok Chesaina discusses ‘The CEO X Factor’

The CEO X Factor shows that reaching the top is about much more than money – it requires a very specific kind of character.

Kerry Washington: ‘Thicker Than Water’

Book review of Kerry Washington's emotional memoir 'Thicker than Water'

Max Verstappen’s biography: ‘Unstoppable’

Review of a new book on Max Verstappen, by motor sport magazine editor, Mark Hughes. Perfect for F1 lovers and aficionados.

‘The Race To Be Myself’ by Caster Semenya

After years of remaining silent and never truly sharing herself, Caster Semenya was ready to tell her story and boy did she leave it all on the page. Few memoirs can be called more than autobiographical; however, Caster has managed to tell her story with humour, raw honesty, and an admirable sense of confidence that starts from the first sentence

The Plot to Save South Africa by Justice Malala Review

The Nelson Mandela we meet in Justice Malala’s gripping and important book, The Plot to Save South Africa, is the man in full. This is the Mandela I knew, two years out of prison, at the height of his influence and fame.

Elon Musk by Walter Isaacson Review

South African born and bred, but now based and working in the US, Elon Musk is a complex man with a remarkable ambition. He is intent on seeing humanity become a multi-planet species. As prolific biographer Walter Isaacson’s new book Elon Musk describes it

Winnie & Nelson by Jonny Steinberg

On a brisk morning in 1980, Winnie Mandela went to visit her husband on Robben Island. Nelson Mandela had been there since 1964. For years, he had only been allowed to see one visitor every six months. That day, she did not bring her usual packages of food and papers, but a single bundle: their first grandchild, only a few months old.

Football’s Greatest Rivalry: Messi vs Ronaldo

For the world's two greatest footballers, it is surprising how little is actually known about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Granted, we know all about their feats on the pitch - the goals scored, the trophies won – and we are greeted by them every day on social media,

10 Timeless Children’s & Young Adult Books

Which children's books have stood the test of time? Take a look at our rankings of the most popular and timeless children's and young adult books ever.

Jan & Feb Releases for 0-5-year-olds

Not sure what book to get your young reader? Check out the latest and most anticipated books for 0-5 year-olds - guaranteed to educate and entertain.