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Max Verstappen’s biography: ‘Unstoppable’

Review of a new book on Max Verstappen, by motor sport magazine editor, Mark Hughes. Perfect for F1 lovers and aficionados.

‘The Race To Be Myself’ by Caster Semenya

After years of remaining silent and never truly sharing herself, Caster Semenya was ready to tell her story and boy did she leave it all on the page. Few memoirs can be called more than autobiographical; however, Caster has managed to tell her story with humour, raw honesty, and an admirable sense of confidence that starts from the first sentence

Football’s Greatest Rivalry: Messi vs Ronaldo

For the world's two greatest footballers, it is surprising how little is actually known about Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Granted, we know all about their feats on the pitch - the goals scored, the trophies won – and we are greeted by them every day on social media,