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Reviews of ‘Girls of Little Hope’

Read a variety of reviews for 'Girls of Little Hope' : A chilling and eerie tale of monsters, teen angst and small-town America for fans

KC Rottok Chesaina discusses ‘The CEO X Factor’

The CEO X Factor shows that reaching the top is about much more than money – it requires a very specific kind of character.

‘The Race To Be Myself’ by Caster Semenya

After years of remaining silent and never truly sharing herself, Caster Semenya was ready to tell her story and boy did she leave it all

The Plot to Save South Africa by Justice Malala Review

The Nelson Mandela we meet in Justice Malala’s gripping and important book, The Plot to Save South Africa, is the man in full. This is

Winnie & Nelson by Jonny Steinberg

On a brisk morning in 1980, Winnie Mandela went to visit her husband on Robben Island. Nelson Mandela had been there since 1964. For years,